How can I place an order?

If you'd like to place an order, you can do so anytime through our company website or by contacting the designated Critter Yard Cards® shop in your area.

My Critter Yard Card is going to a RESIDENCE what time will it be delivered and removed?

Customers can not request specific delivery or pick-up times. The critter yard card is delivered and removed on your requested dates, Mon-Sat between 4AM and noon (sometimes later if we have a full route). If you absolutely need an early morning delivery, we recommend ordering a day in advance. Rental periods are NOT based on hours - So, a one day rental might be less than or more than 24 hours, depending on where your stop falls along the route. This means, deliveries and pick-ups may not be done at the same time on requested dates (i.e delivery can be at noon and pick-up can be in the AM). NO Sunday delivery or pickup is available.

My Critter Yard Card is going to a SCHOOL what time will it be delivered and removed?

The critter yard card is delivered and removed on your requested dates, Mon-Fri between 4AM and 30 minutes before school starts. Saturday deliveries to schools are done before 9am. NO SUNDAY delivery and pickup is available.

My Critter Yard Card is going to a BUSINESS what time will it be delivered and removed?

The critter yard card is delivered and removed on your requested dates, Mon-Fri before 9AM. Saturdays, sometime before noon. NO SUNDAY delivery or pickup is available. Please remember to get permission from property management before placing an order to a business.

How long is the Critter Yard Card rented for?

Your rental period can last for any desired amount of time. An average rental period typically ranges from 2-3 days, with others lasting up to a week. For residences, we recommend at least a two-day rental, so the recipient has ample time to enjoy his/her critter yard card.

What does the price include?

No hidden fees! The total price includes: a character rented for a specified period of time, personalized blurb, and complimentary gift message. The Critter Yard Cards® team assembles each individual character, discreetly installs it at the arranged location, and promptly removes it at the end of the rental period, unnoticed. Balloon topiaries and custom messages cost extra, as outlined on the product's page and at checkout.

How much notice should I give when placing an order?

We require a one day's notice. If you're interested in a popular character, we recommend ordering in advance to secure that design, before it gets booked by another customer. The clock in the upper right hand corner of our website indicates how much time is left to place an order for the following day. Same-day service is not available.

How much is the delivery fee?

Unlike other companies, we do not charge a separate delivery fee. The total price at checkout includes everything (i.e. the character, delivery, installation, and removal). Please note that if, after the initial installation, we need to send a driver to move the critter yard card to a different spot in the yard, a delivery fee based on mileage will apply.

Is there sales tax on my order?

Yes, Critter Yard Cards® locations are subject to the taxes of the state in which they service.

Does someone need to meet the driver at the delivery location upon arrival?

No, due to our potentially early delivery hours, we do not require that someone be there to meet or supervise our drivers.

Can I write anything on the message blurb?

Our critter yard cards are meant to bring happiness, therefore we will not allow anything mean or cruel to be written on the blurb. Please, do not input emojis into the blurb message. Our program does not support emojis, and if used, the emoji will obstruct your personalized message. Critter Yard Cards® is not responsible for errors caused by the insertion of emojis. Tip: Keep the customized message short and sweet, so that people can easily and quickly read it as they drive by.

How will the recipient know who sent the Critter Yard Card?

Critter Yard Cards® offer customers a complimentary gift message at checkout, which gets written on a postcard and either attached to the character or placed in the recipient's mailbox. Critter Yard Cards® is not responsible for lost or stolen postcards, especially if the delivery is to a school. Replacements can be picked up at our office.

Are there restrictions to where I can have my Critter Yard Card installed?

We will not install the critter yard card too close to roads, sidewalks, or other public areas that could potentially put drivers, pedestrians, and our signs at risk. We also respect all local easements and right-of-ways when considering placement.

Can I tell you where I want the Critter Yard Card installed?

Absolutely! At check-out, please describe your ideal spot in the special instructions section. Keep the directions simple (for example: "when facing house, put to the left of driveway," "put to the right of mailbox," "put in the middle of lawn," etc). Always provide directions as if you are facing the house from the road (not standing inside). Keep in mind that our drivers may be making the delivery in the dark at dusk. If the special instructions section is left blank, our driver will use his/her best judgement based on extensive training and our 25+ years of experience. Drivers are unable to call upon arrival, so please do not ask.

When delivering to a school or business, do I need to get permission?

You do not need permission from school administation, if it's a school that we frequently service. In that case, our signs are already allowed and you're all set. If you want a critter yard card delivered to a school where you have not seen them previously, we recommend calling in advance for permission. Deliveries to businesses always require permission. If you choose not to, and the school or property management contacts us to remove it, a refund will not be given. If our critter yard card and/or supplies are confiscated, it is the customer's responsibility to get our property back to us. Deliveries to businesses are always installed using our longest stakes, which can withstand hurricane strength winds. If the critter yard card is taken down at any point during the rental period, and the customer hasn't gotten permission, then we know property management has disassembled the set-up - not wind - and refunds are not given.

Do you need grass/earth to install a Critter Yard Card?

Installing the critter yard card in grass/dirt is ideal, as we anchor it with cables and stakes into the ground. However, if you are aware that there is no earth at the delivery location (i.e. all concrete), please notify us in advance so our driver can bring a base/stand. Failure to notify us may result in: 1) having the sign installed haphazardly, or 2) the sign not being installed and no refund given. A stand cannot be placed in roadways or on sidewalks where it will interfere with pedestrians. Please note: a stand is only available in situations where there is absolutely no grass/dirt for installation.

Can the Critter Yard Card be moved after installation?

We do not permit customers to transport our signs to different addresses (i.e from one residence to another). That would be considered two separate orders and will need to be serviced by our delivery team. If you would like your critter yard card set-up in a different part of the yard (same address), please call our office and we will be happy to assist you. A new delivery fee will apply, based on mileage. To avoid a delivery fee, you can move the sign yourself. Please advise us beforehand so our drivers know where to locate the sign at the time of pick-up.

How big of an area do you need to install the Critter Yard Card?

We need a grassy area that is ~ 6'x4' to accomodate the critter yard card.

Am I liable for the Critter Yard Card if something happens to it?

You’re not liable for the critter yard card during the rental period. However, in the event that it gets damaged/stolen, we may require your assistance in filing a police report.

How big are the Critter Yard Cards?

All characters measure 8-ft tall and ~ 4-ft wide.

Does the Critter Yard Card cause any damage to the yard when installed?

No, the critter yard card will not damage the recipient's lawn. If there is a sprinkler system present, please caution us in the special instructions section of the order and mark the sprinkler lines with flags. Critter Yard Cards® is not responsible for damage caused to irrigation systems or invisible dog fences.

Can the Critter Yard Card be installed indoors?

No, our signs are meant for outdoor use only. No exceptions.

Is the Critter Yard Card visible on both sides?

Yes, our characters and blurbs are printed on both sides, so they can be seen from either direction. When a delivering to a school where it's installed on an angle and visible to cars entering from one direction, the blurb may only be printed on that one side.

Do you deliver the yard signs in bad weather?

We do our best to deliver in all weather conditions. However, we reserve the right to cancel the delivery if we can't get to the location safely. At that time, our office will contact you to reschedule or refund your payment. In the event of a snow storm, our drivers may go out the evening before to complete their routes. Any pick-ups scheduled for the day of the predicted storm will be removed the evening before as well. In this case, we try our best to pick-up at nightfall so the recipient has all day to enjoy their critter yard card. Refunds for the additional day are not given, unless pick-up is an entire day ahead of schedule (i.e not in the evening). Our office will be in contact via email to keep you up to date regarding deliveries. Pick-ups should refer to this inclement weather policy.

Can I mow and trim my lawn while the Critter Yard Card is installed?

For the safety of you, your lawn equipment, and our sign, we advise customers to delay all mowing and trimming around the critter yard card until it has been removed. We appreciate you taking care of our products so others can enjoy them too!

Do I get to keep the Critter Yard Card or the blurb?

No, both the signs and blurbs are reused and therefore the property of Critter Yard Cards®. If the blurb is taken by the customer/homeowner, it will need to be returned to our office immedaitely. If we need to return to pick it up, an additional fee will apply. So, please do not take our blurbs.

What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

When will my credit card be charged?

The computer system attempts to secure authorization on your credit card at the point of purchase. If there is a problem securing this authorization you will not receive a "thank you for your order" message or an emailed order confirmation. At that time, please try another card. Once we receive authorization and verification of funds, your order will be completed and the funds will be transferred securely to us. Your account will be charged at the completion of your order or within 24 hours.

What is your refund policy?

You will receive a full refund if extreme weather conditions prevent us from fulfilling your order. If the sign falls down due to strong winds, a refund will not be given. Instead, we require immediate notice and will promptly send a driver to fix it.


You will NOT receive a refund if: 

  •      - The homeowner or recipient stops us at the time of installation
  •      - The homeowner or recipient calls and asks us to remove the critter yard card
  •      - You provide the incorrect address and/or date
  •      - We cannot access the gated community/security guard to enter the delivery location
  •      - The property has an aggressive dog loose on the premises
  •      - Any other reason we cannot set-up that is beyond our control



There are absolutely no refunds on balloon topiaries once they've been installed (see 'BALLOON TERMS').



Can I change my order once it's been placed?

Yes - Contact the shop (listed on your receipt) via phone or email at least 24 hours before the scheduled delivery date. Please keep in mind that we require all changes to be made during our business hours, so a change to a Monday delivery may not be possible if you reach out the day before (Sunday) when our office is closed. If you left a voicemail or email, but haven't received a response from us regarding the change, do not assume your message was received. Our office will always follow up with an updated receipt for your records. If you do not receive a follow up, reach out to your shop directly via phone. Changes to balloon orders are not allowed if the balloon arrangement has already been created in our shop.

Can I cancel my order once it’s placed?

Yes. For a full refund, contact your designated shop 48 hours before the scheduled delivery date (not counting weekends). If you fail to cancel within that time frame, the refund will be 50 percent of your original order. This fee is for lost reservations on the character we were holding for you. All cancelations (and changes) must be made during our business hours Mon-Fri. You must speak with us directly (via phone or email) to cancel. If canceling via email, you must receive an emailed response from us for the cancelation to be valid. If you left a voicemail or email, but haven't received a response from us regarding the cancelation, do not assume your message was received. Our default refund period is 180 days from the transaction date. After that, refunds cannot be issued and will instead be offered in the form of a credit. Please keep this in mind when ordering far in advance.

What happens if school is canceled (due to bad weather) on my scheduled delivery date?

If you've scheduled a critter yard card for a school that is closed, we will deliver it the following morning when classes resume. If your order can not be completed because 1. the character is no longer available, or 2. school remains closed for three consecutive days, contact us for a full refund.


Will I receive an email confirmation after I place my order?

Yes. Provided the correct email address was inputted, a website-generated receipt will automatically be sent after the order is submitted. Please save it for your records until the order is fulfilled. Your receipt will contain pertinent information regarding your order as well as the phone number of the Critter Yard Cards® shop fulfilling it. It is the customer's responsibility to review this receipt to ensure all of the details submitted by the customer or Critter Yard Cards® associate are correct. Critter Yard Cards® is not responsible for any errors at the time of delivery, that were present (and not corrected) on the receipt. If you have not received a confirmation email, there is a chance your order was not submitted to us. Contact your shop to have the order confirmation resent.

Can I still place an order if the zip code I entered isn't a serviceable location?

No, you can not. Please check back with us in the future, as we are constantly growing and expanding our Critter Yard Card locations! If you believe you've received an "unserviceable location" message in error, give your designated shop a call for confirmation.

What are the balloon terms?

Critter Yard Cards® is NOT responsible for balloon topiaries after installation is complete. There are no replacements or refunds on balloon topiaries. There are also no cancellations on balloon topiaries once the arrangement is blown up/created in our shops. All balloon cancellations must follow our cancellation policy (48 hrs prior to delivery date). Critter Yard Cards® does not guarantee balloon inflation times. Variables that may impact inflation include: wind, extreme heat, amount of time in direct sunlight, etc. In the event of poor weather conditions, it is the customer's responsiblity to monitor their balloons and bring the bouquet(s) indoors if necessary. Balloon paraphernalia (metal pole and stake) is the property of Critter Yard Cards® and should be left in the ground as-is at all times. Customers are allowed to keep their balloon bouquet. It is, however, the customer's and/or recipient's responsibility to detach the balloons from the pole and bring them indoors before pick-up. If balloons are still present when our drivers arrive, they will be removed with the rest of the display. These instructions should be passed along to the recipient if the customer does not reside at the delivery address.